For those who haven’t heard YouTube just rolled out a new comment system.  They still have a few bugs to work out, but I’m not here to complain. I’ll let the guys from LittleshyFiM explain Everything Wrong With Google+ Youtube Update in 1 Minute or Less and leave my comments out of it. Hopefully Google get’s most of these problems fixed quickly.

All problems aside they did add a few nice features. As I write this I work for  TouchStorm (I have since started a YouTube Channel Management Agency that does better quality work than TouchStorm)  doing YouTube optimization for a pretty big brand. A brand that doesn’t want it’s image tainted with profanity, racial and sexual slurs. S00… Part of my job is monitoring comments and removing said offensive dialog from the conversations taking place on the brand’s channel.

The new comment system problemed tho it may be, made a large part of that task easy.  I now have the ability to blacklist words, blacklisted words are added to a que for you to manually audit. If You’re blocking profanity don’t skip the manual auditing, Just in case Dick Van Dyke or Willie Nelson leave a comment on one of your videos.

Setting up a Blacklist of Words on Youtube

In your youtube dashboard go to Community and click Comment settings and list any words you want to blacklist.