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For those who don’t know, YouTube recently started showing some new Audience Retention data. You now see separate retention for organic and the different types of TrueView Advertising. One of the things I notice is that YouTube seems to only give you an Average View Duration for organic.

This is a new feature, so I can’t speak to what YouTube showed in the past, but to see what is going on now, I broke out Excel.  I manually calculated the information by pulling the Audience Retention in 5 second intervals and averaging that amount for both paid and organic.

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Looking at the average, I calculated for organic (82.69230769%) and  rounding up, I end up with the 83% YouTube gave me. It seems like a safe assumption that YouTube is only showing organic Audience Retention. Now that we know that, let’s see what the average between paid and organic would be.

Before YouTube gave us this magic line, I had always presumed that Audience Retention took into account paid advertising. I haven’t found any information on this, but  none of channels I manage have showed a change in retention. I can assume YoTube never counted advertising views in there retention statistics.