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  • Stephen King’s Happiness Is A Twitter Success Metric

    Stephen King’s Happiness Is A Twitter Success Metric

    As a writer, Stephen King is famous, prolific, and respected. He’s published over 70 novels, novellas, and non-fiction books. Whatever brain chemicals Stephen King gets from using Twitter is all he receives from his free work to add value to the platform. Since King has perhaps the fewest reasons to use Twitter of any famous person on earth, his happiness should literally be a Twitter success metric.

  • Why Google Search Sucks And A Tribute To Neil Gaiman

    Why Google Search Sucks And A Tribute To Neil Gaiman

    Google grants access to information kings didn’t have 50 years before. I have consumed so much content, books, podcasts, movies, articles, songs, and possibly the Ph.D. thesis of a woman from Chesapeake. I cannot remember it all. Like most, I’ll occasionally use Google to find a specific but only half-recalled crumb of content. Increasingly I […]

  • Orwellian Goal

    Orwellian Goal

    If George Orwell had one goal, and that goal was to write a book that people who hadn’t read it would bring up in conversation as if it was the only fictional work to comment on politics prior to televised animation, he completed his goal with more success than any other person. 1984 is also […]

  • Books of 2019

    Books of 2019

    Happy New Year, and new decade! I started last year with many ambitious goals, and I failed most of them. I intended to read at least 36 books in 2019 and only completed 14, oh well. For those interested these are the books I read over 2019: Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass […]

  • A Christmas Carol Is Propaganda To Keep The Poor Happy

    A Christmas Carol Is Propaganda To Keep The Poor Happy

    The story of a man whose last name is synonymous with miserly and his dealings with three Christmas specters is iconic. The best-known work of Charles Dickens must be A Christmas Carol — immortalized in Felt by the Muppets, with homages in seemingly every sitcom ever on TV. All who know the story, see the […]

  • 10% Happier, Book Review

    10% Happier, Book Review

    I want to call this book “life-changing”, but I’m not going to because reading it didn’t change my life. What I’m trying to say is, the book has the capacity to be life-changing. If someone handed me this book five years ago, for example, I think it would have changed my life. The problem is, […]

  • Play Bigger, Book Review

    Play Bigger, Book Review

    In an older post, I claim most marketing books suck. I stand by this; Most marketing books are garbage, rehashing other, older books, written to convince big companies who can hire consultants, to hire the authors.  In that post, I quote Play Bigger: How Pirates, Dreamers, and Innovators Create and Dominate Markets — because it’s the […]

  • The Four, Book Review

    The Four, Book Review

    Written by Scott Galloway, “The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google” reads like the highest aspiration of the edgy business book genre. Flipping to any page, and putting a finger on any sentence gives you about a 70% chance of reading an (at least semi) meaningful insight, wrapped in a warm […]

  • Most Marketing Books are Crap

    Most Marketing Books are Crap

    Most marketing books are crap, and broadly speaking, most business books suck too. These books are mostly written by people selling consulting, or worse, some productized service. While I’m critical of most business books, I’m focusing this beating on marketing books only. Out of a sampling of books on marketing; it’s common to see a […]

  • Moonwalking with Einstein, Book Review

    Moonwalking with Einstein, Book Review

    Moonwalking with Einstein is a delightful read offering a solid overview of memory techniques. I normally finish a book before recommending it, but the day I started reading I’d told at least six people to check it out. A few days later when I finished I considered it one of the best pieces of participatory […]