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I’m Mason Pelt, I write about the intersection of marketing and culture. If you want to hire me to write words for your publication contact mason [at] masonpelt dot com.

I also work for Push ROI, please direct inquiries for advertising, production and UX work accordingly.

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  • AI Will Break Online Search
    AI is going to give super powers to Blackhat SEO, breaking online search as we know it. RIP magic box at the top of the browser where we all reflexively type “how to [blank]”, “[blank] near me”, “best [blank] Reddit”, and anything else we seek […]
  • Human-AI Interaction Is A Partnership Based on Blind Trust
    People express a lot of fear when it comes to AI. Some worry AI will grow superhuman and kill us all. Others are concerned that AI lead automation will displace over 100 million workers and devastate the economy. Honestly, either may happen because the simple truth of AI is […]
  • Advertising Scams With MrBeast and Cory Doctorow
    Every digital advertising platform wants more revenue and less expense. Policing ad quality is an expense, whereas advertising, whether the purpose is legitimate or not, generates revenue. Only when the economic incentives shift due to public outrage, demands from large advertisers or investor pressure will the companies in a position to stop advertisements of scams do something.
  • Add Value, Not Noise: An Orwellian Social Media Post
    Seeing engagement bait post in social media groups is common. “Add value not noise” posted in a startup group on Facebook, however, is noteworthy due to the Orwellian level of using the behavior you’re cautioning not to use, to condemn the behavior you’re using. To […]
  • Apocalyptic Myths And The Horrible Reality Of AI
    A mythology of artificial super intelligence has dominated the conversation about AI since the 80s. Constant media coverage of AI as if it’s a dark and threatening abyss likely to usher in an apocalypse is impacting how AI is developed, clouding the discourse when people bring up real flaws in the current generation of AIs.
  • How Gawker Media Once Kept Silicon Valley In Check
    At one time, Valleywag part of Gawker served as a tattletale hall monitor for the startup community. But since Peter Thiel sued the publication out of existence, the startup world has run amok without media coverage until hundreds of millions of dollars are involved. That’s a problem for the entire ecosystem.
  • Why Google Search Sucks And A Tribute To Neil Gaiman
    Google grants access to information kings didn’t have 50 years before. I have consumed so much content, books, podcasts, movies, articles, songs, and possibly the Ph.D. thesis of a woman from Chesapeake. I cannot remember it all. Like most, I’ll occasionally use Google to find […]