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Once I was the youngest living person, and now a grown, adult human with interests, hobbies, and random achievements; just like most people. Want to know more?

Hi, I’m Mason Pelt!

I’m an avid juggler, who used to do standup and work on indie films. But I have an addiction to eating, so, I now work for Push ROI in product and marketing, I’ve managed a lot (over $100 million) of advertising and paid search while working with multiple ad agencies, including Push ROI. My official Push ROI bio is here if you care. I’m also a writer with work appearing in outlets around the web. There is another Mason Pelt in Florida. I’m NOT HIM, it’s very important you know that.

Mason Pelt Shooting for D Magazine FrontRow Stage

My first career was in video & photo production, mostly creating news segments, corporate videos, and editorial spreads. I started, really young, but I did some cool things. My work has been seen on ABC, CBS, Dallas Morning News, and others. I remember feeling super honored as a teenager getting my National Press Photographers Association card.

It’s been some time since I aspired to be Carl Bernstein, Steven Spielberg or George Carlin. I’m still a freelance writer and my work has appeared in various publications, including TechCrunch, Venture Beat, SiliconANGLE, Hacker Noon and Splice Today. I’ve committed random acts one could generously call “journalism”. I still occasionally get to work as a producer, photographer or interviewer. And while my career isn’t currently compatible with a comedy club stage, I hope I’ll be back.

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