About Mason Pelt

Hi, I’m Mason!

Once I was the youngest living person, and now a grown, adult human with interests, hobbies, and random achievements; just like most people. Want to know more?

I’m a former professional juggler (with a world record to my credit) and I used to do standup. But I have an addiction to eating, so,  I now work for Push ROI as a product and marketing consultant (official PushROI bio).

My first career was in video & photo production, mostly creating news segments, budget commercials, corporate videos, and editorial spreads. My work has been seen on ABC, CBS, Dallas Morning News, and others.

While, it’s been some time since I was an aspired to be Carl Bernstein, Steven Spielberg or George Carlin. I’m an occasional writer and my work has appeared in various publications (I’ve committed random acts one could generously call “journalism”. I still occasionally get to work as a producer, photographer or interviewer. And while my career isn’t compatible with a comedy club stage, I hope I’ll be back.