About Mason Pelt

Once the youngest living person, now a grown, adult human with interests, hobbies, and random achievements; just like most people. Want to know more?

Hi, I’m Mason Pelt!

I’m an avid juggler, who used to do standup and work on indie films. But I have an addiction to eating, so, I now work in advertising for Push ROI. I’ve managed a lot (over $100 million) worth of paid media spend while working with multiple ad agencies, including Push ROI. My official Push ROI bio is here if you care.

I’m a Board Member for Project HAND UP, a nonprofit organization that created the majority of Covid19 public service announcements in Kenya. I’m also a writer with work appearing in outlets around the web. There is another Mason Pelt in Florida. I’m NOT HIM, it’s very important you know that.

Mason Pelt Shooting for D Magazine FrontRow Stage

My first career was in video & photo production, mostly creating news segments, corporate videos, and editorial spreads. I started, really young, but I did some cool things. My work has been seen on ABC, CBS, Dallas Morning News, and others. I remember feeling super honored as a teenager getting my National Press Photographers Association card.

It’s been some time since I aspired to be Carl Bernstein, Steven Spielberg or George Carlin. I’m still a freelance writer and my work has appeared in various publications, including TechCrunch, Venture Beat, SiliconANGLE. With articles syndicated to Business Insider and others. I’ve committed random acts one could generously call “journalism”. I still occasionally get to work as a producer, photographer or interviewer. And while my career isn’t currently compatible with a comedy club stage, I hope I’ll be back.

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  • Calling For A Moratorium On Calling For A Moratorium On AI

    The AI industry is heavily capitalized, and reliant on smoke and mirrors. Calls for regulation and open letters asking for a pause in AI research from leaders of AI companies make headlines every few months. These are not circulating out of genuine fear, they are self aggrandizing, and honestly monopolistic. In under a year, artificial…

  • The AI Anti-Utopia, And Other Stories

    Software is replacing artists and writers who enjoy their work while warehouse staffers pee in bottles to make quota. AI is turning into a shitty anti-utopia. As I write this, the Writers Guild of America (WGA) has been on strike for 28 days. In a negotiation with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers…

  • AI Enabled Greed And Stupidity

    The content units mindset makes AI replacing human writers inevitable. This AI future won’t just replace writers, when the goal is churning out more content units, ever cheaper, every creative is on the chopping block. The sword that will cut their jobs is being forged with their work.

  • The Advertising Pyramid Scheme

    The advertising economy is starting to resemble a collection of interconnected multi-level marketing schemes. Some kind of intermediary firm sits atop each pyramid brokering the serving of ads to eyeballs. Under that are ad agencies, and tech firms that work on sales and bid management. The bottom are ad buyers, perhaps too few to sustain…

  • The Business of Helping Build Businesses

    This goes out to freelancers and those who run professional service companies. Are you building a business or helping others build theirs? It can be both. But that requires awareness, caution, and focus. 

  • Ad Fed Brains, And Other Stories

    People absorb information passively. Humans can, of course, intently study; but few can fully switch off passive learning. This gives advertising incredible power over people they do not recognize. I vividly remember a multi-month period in my childhood when headlines about Tylenol overdoses dominated the nightly news. I also remember Aleve’s commercial saying, “Just two…

  • BuzzFeed News And Twitter Blues

    To greatly paraphrase Tolstoy, you can explain anything to a complete ding dong if they know nothing about the topic, but you’ll fail to explain it to the greatest minds if they start with any preconceptions. Cognitive bias is powerful. People will pay more for a worse product if they think the brand is better.…

  • Advertising Demon, And Other Stories

    People like getting services at no direct cost, advertisers like selling to those people. While most want services at no cost to them, they don’t like being tracked. Modern ad tech puts people into a kind of human terrarium. Large tech platforms from Alphabet (once Google) and Meta (once Facebook) down the line gather and…

  • Brands As People, People As Brands

    People strive to be brands creating a loss of self, and often a loss of any potential brand. Brands try to be people, in programmatic and contrived ways. Both are organic as a Twinkie asking how the fellow kids are doing. On a call for a long-dead startup building its empire on Google+, someone, a…