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  • Yes ChatGPT Lies

    Yes ChatGPT Lies

    I’ve published well over 5,000 words about ChatGPT getting things wrong. In one article ChatGPT gave me the wrong date and title for a blog post about a Neil Gaiman novel. I know it’s wrong because Gaiman responded to me with a link to the correct post. In another article I wrote about ChatGPT source […]

  • TikTok, Drugs, Congress, and Monopoly

    TikTok, Drugs, Congress, and Monopoly

    Very few accusations are unique to TikTok. But, to the extent that members of congress know about data brokers, I assume they feel the U.S. data brokers’ selling lists of all the closeted gay people, with cancer, taking anti depressants in Kentucky are good and clean. But first party data collection by the Chinese Communist Party is bad, and dirty. The drug harm-comparison analogy here is alcohol you distilled yourself versus GHB you made in your bathtub; both being less than ideal.