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  • A Blue Check On A Pike Warns Us Not To Give Up The Web

    A Blue Check On A Pike Warns Us Not To Give Up The Web

    Today is my seventh day of Twitter limbo. On March 31st, I became Elon Musk’s mother for several hours. But the account was put into a type of quarantine. My username replaced by a dot, my photo removed, I cannot log in. But my profile, with the years-old blue check still stands like a head…

  • Play Bigger, Book Review

    Play Bigger, Book Review

    In an older post, I claim most marketing books suck. I stand by this; Most marketing books are garbage, rehashing other, older books, written to convince big companies who can hire consultants, to hire the authors.  In that post, I quote Play Bigger: How Pirates, Dreamers, and Innovators Create and Dominate Markets — because it’s the…

  • Most Marketing Books are Crap

    Most Marketing Books are Crap

    Most marketing books are crap, and broadly speaking, most business books suck too. These books are mostly written by people selling consulting, or worse, some productized service. While I’m critical of most business books, I’m focusing this beating on marketing books only. Out of a sampling of books on marketing; it’s common to see a…