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  • Deepfakes And True Crime

    Deepfakes And True Crime

    Filed under if AI ends humanity it will do so with human stupidity. The article discusses AI-generated videos on TikTok that depict true-crime stories, particularly focusing on the stories of murder victims, including young children. AI Deepfakes of True-Crime Victims Are a Waking Nightmare

  • Woke Companies Aren’t Going Broke

    Woke Companies Aren’t Going Broke

    The goal of so-called woke companies is to make money. Outrage or praise are just attention units, and the companies are amoral. I just published about why I think Bud Light’s association with Dylan Mulvaney, and the conservative backlash is effective marketing. Mulvaney has 10 million followers on TikTok, 1.8 million on Instagram. Honestly that’s…