Deepfakes And True Crime

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The article discusses AI-generated videos on TikTok that depict true-crime stories, particularly focusing on the stories of murder victims, including young children.

AI Deepfakes of True-Crime Victims Are a Waking Nightmare

The baby in the video is, of course, not real: She’s an AI-generated creation posted on @truestorynow, an account with nearly 50,000 followers that posts videos of real-life crime victims telling their stories. The gruesome story she’s telling is true, albeit to a point. The baby’s name wasn’t Rody Marie, but Royalty Marie, and she was found stabbed to death and burned in an oven in her grandmother’s home in Mississippi in 2018; the grandmother, 48-year-old Carolyn Jones, was charged with first-degree murder earlier this year. But Royalty was 20 months when she died, not 21, and unlike the baby in the TikTok video, she was Black, not white. 
Ej Dickson, May 30, 2023,
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