AP: Facebook Has 3 Billion Users. Many Of Them Are Old.

The Associated Press delivering a devastating headline. It’s also true, Facebook is no longer the cool place for The KIDS TM to be, for that matter neither is Instagram.

I could say a lot about Facebook as a platform and Meta as a company. Facebook, and it’s parent are a case study in enshittification, and shiny object syndrome. The company was renamed to Meta, in a failed pursuit of the metaverse.

Facebook ads, a platform where I managed amounts of money that sounds like a lie, are now less useful for advertisers and a worse experience for users than they were in 2014. I will write more about this in an article.

Facebook has 3 billion users. Many of them are old.

Facebook says it is not dead. Facebook also wants you to know that it is not just for “old people,” as young people have been saying for years.
Barbara Ortutay, May 8, 2023, apnews.com
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