Hey Daily Beast, Time For a Retraction

Long story short, The Daily Beast article by Jake Lahut quotes a nut job, who lied poorly, and directly attacked serval pseudonymous people whose work, and identities (in some cases) are known to me.

The Daily Beast has received a number of requests for corrections, or a full retraction from a lot of users, many who are in no way pseudonymous. Its a frustrating situation, and it causes me to lose respect for the publications integrity and accuracy.

How The Daily Beast Is Taking A Page Out of The Gateway Pundit’s Playbook

On April 12th, The Daily Beast published an article by Jake Lahut. The article aimed to draw a comparison between Ron DeSantis’ campaign and the playbook of Richard Nixon. While there may be some truth to this comparison, folks in the disinformation community were immediately alarmed by the primary source of the article, Steven Jarvis.
EJ Gibney, April 20, 2023, medium.com
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