Italy Is Not Killing ChatGPT

Italy temporarily banned ChatGPT following a data breach on March 20th. According to OpenAI, the breach allowed some users to view information of other users, including name, email address, and the last four digits of some credit card numbers. Now ChatGPT can come back with some rules.

If you listen to tech bros, Italy is trying to kill AI. But the rules are pretty sane and minimal. According to Ioanna Lykiardopoulou from The Next Web, Open AI must:

  • Publish an information notice detailing ChatGPT’s data processing and the rights of data subjects.
  • Provide tools for users and non-users to control their data, including the ability to object to data processing for training purposes and request corrections or deletion of false personal information.
  • State a legal basis for ChatGPT’s data processing either obtaining consent or demonstrating legitimate interests, and remove the option of processing data in exchange for access to the service.
  • Implement an age verification system for all new and existing users and develop tools to prevent access for users under 13 and those between 13 and 18 without parental consent.
  • Run a marketing campaign through mass media to inform Italians of their data being used for ChatGPT’s training and to raise awareness of the new information policy and data rights.

This is hardly the end of AI or even the end of AI in Italy.

Italy’s new rules for ChatGPT could become a template for the rest of the EU

Garante has given OpenAI until April 30 to fulfil most of its demands. However, he US-based company has been granted a more generous timeline for the campaign promotion — by May 15. Furthermore, it has until May 31 to submit a plan for the age verification system, which is to be in place by September 30.
Ioanna Lykiardopoulou, April 13, 2023,
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