Splice Today: There’s a Name I Know

I’ve long loved the publication Splice Today. Well before I pitched, let alone published an article in Splice Today I read the pluralistic, and often idiosyncratic blog edited by Russ Smith. This article by Oliver Bateman is a solid example of the style I like most about the publication.

The article is deep, and shallow at the same time. It was written to be read, and to pass away not withstanding the chance to be republished or repurposed at a later moment. Splice Today as a publication is a meditation in print, in many ways.

Smith started, and ran the New York Press for many years before the internet was a thought, let alone widely used. Articles were, written, printed, distributed, perhaps read. The content had a life, and no expectations of immortality.

Splice Today is a better publication than most running think pieces online. It’s magical in it’s lack of pretentiousness.

There’s a Name I Know

Publishing your innermost thoughts, my grad school advisor assured me, would guarantee that they passed into oblivion without notice. Selling those untimely thoughts for money, either under my byline or someone else’s, has proven more lucrative than I could’ve imagined. But how, after nearly two decades of doing this work, have I managed to remain completely anonymous, a name far from the tips of all these forked and silver hot take tongues?
Oliver Bateman, June 30, 2021, splicetoday.com
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