Do We Need Laws For Net Neutrality?

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I’ve always supported the ideas behind Net Neutrality. A free and open internet where internet service providers would serve all sites at the best available speed and not charge websites for preferential treatment (faster speeds). For the record, I also support Santa Claus serving ALL children with the best toys his elves can churn out, […]

Remarketing With Facebook Using The New Pixel

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I’ve done retargeting on Facebook, for several years now, using Perfect Audience (Acquired by Marin Software) or Adroll. But now the barrier to entry for one of the most effective marketing tactics has gotten a lot lower. This is how you can set up Facebook retargeting using Facebook’s new tracking pixel. Go to your account […]

Search Engine Usability — Stop Thinking of SEO


Search engine optimization is not just about bringing traffic to your site. Fundamentally you are helping to solve a usability problem for the search engine. Most marketers think of SEO the wrong way. Spend 15 minutes at a Digital marketing conference and you can hear dozens of people talking about SEO from the perspective of […]

The Cat’s Guide to Recognize Bad Clients Early

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I love all of my current clients, but I got to this point by being very selective. If you’ve never heard of the Pareto’s Principle (the 80-20 rule), it’s an economic principle that says 20% of something is always responsible for 80% of the results. Or more simply, that 20% of your clients will be responsible for 80% […]