The Successful Entrepreneur Business Plan (Wealthy Parent Edition)

Goal: Start a restaurant, maybe something having to do with food trucks or comic books.

Differentiator: Access to capital.

The Plan

Comprised of three sections this plan will address, funding, locations, and operations. Please note the value add strategies sprinkled throughout this plan.


Get my mom to invest cash. Unfortunately she won’t invest enough to reach escape velocity, however the interest free, equity free loan offers a solid foundation for growth.


Negotiate a sweetheart lease with dad in one of his commercial properties.

Value add strategy: Explain to dad that his ex-wife is my investor thus creating social pressure making it difficult for him to charge the full cost of rent we negotiated until business operations are profitable.


I believe chasing dopamine is the most effective operational plan. However I’ve outlined the first 18 months as follows. By the end of 24 months I should be earning $2 million a month.

Months 1-6: Preparation and validation of my ideas. I think people will drive about an hour each way to buy from me, and I need to find industry experts who agree with me or validate that assumption to maintain access to capital via existing investors.

Months 7: Begin marketing by running ads exclusively in a city 45 miles from my location.

Value add strategy: Sort of poison my investor’s cat to remind them of my great power, and/or that I am helpless and would die without financial support, however I may still flourish with more money and more time.

Month 8: Realize that the ads are not working, so develop a strategy to use comic books to market the business.

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Month 9: Start watching videos about how to draw on YouTube and look into doing popup shops.

Month 10: Decide that popup shops are unviable after chatting with one Farmers Market.

Value add strategy: My largest investor and most important landlord value certain types of legacy prestige media attention, so pursuing that media attention is important even at the expense of marketing activities directly responsible for revenue generation.

Month 11: Declare plans to launch 5 food trucks.

Month 12: Hire a comic book artist.

Month 13: Google how to start a food truck

Month 14: Start negotiation for a second location that will solve all business problems.

Month 15-17: Emo phase. Many people have become disillusioned with me, and no longer help me for free. So I will go full emo on Facebook to gain support.

Month 18: Try to get critics ban from a neighborhood Facebook group.

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