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MasonPelt 500x500 About Mason
Mason Pelt Headshot August 2014. Photo By Alex Houg

Some have called him the most eclectic man in the world–mostly in reference to the world record he set for the most balls juggled on a pogo stick.

As far as media and marketing go, Mason has been working professionally since age 16, when, after finishing high school, he got his first job as an editor for a Dallas based commercial production company. His interest in video started at age 12 when he taught himself the basics of editing and 3D animation. By age 14 Mason was creating tutorial videos sharing his knowledge of Final Cut, Blender and After Effects.

After reaching 1,000,000 views for his training videos Mason left his first job for the freelance world and began his move towards marketing. Mason became known for media driven online marketing campaigns. As a producer he applied  keyword research techniques from SEO to build content strategies for clients and create videos that performed well online.

Mason has worked with clients including Mission Foods, JC Penny and Gillette along with multiple ad agencies and startups. His most notable resume highlight is managing COVERGIRL’s Youtube channel leading to a 300% increase of public video views in only 9 months. Mason has served on the board of the largest independent search engine marketing association in the world. Acted as an adviser for several startups and in addition to his consultancy  is currently the Director of Video and Social Marketing for Portage.co.

In Mason’s Words

I’m a photographer and nerd.  I’m a huge data geek with an unexplained affinity for building complex spreadsheets. I  occasionally dream about data modeling, but my real passion is telling stories since Dyslexia has always hindered me as a writer,images and videos  have been my communication tools.

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