Facebook Remarketing Using The Native Pixel

Facebook remarketing is one of the most effective tactics I’ve used. having  done retargeting on Facebook, for several years now, using Perfect Audience (Acquired by Marin Software) or Adroll. But now the barrier to entry for one of the best Facebook marketing tactics has gotten a lot lower thanks to Facebook’s native pixel. This is how you can set up Facebook retargeting using Facebook’s native tracking pixel.

Go to your account in the Facebook ads manager  and select “Audiences” on the left. In the Audiences section you have several options to make a custom audience. You can upload a data file (emails, user IDs, phone numbers or mobile advertiser IDs), connect MailChimp, build a custom audience from your mobile app, or create a custom audience from your website (website retargeting).

Facebook ads manager - Create Audience


Click on “Create a Custom Audience from your Website” and name your custom audience something meaningful. Now click “View Custom Audience Pixel” to view the tracking.

Facebook Marketing Code

Take this bunch of Java Script and place it in your website before the closing tag, on every page you would like to retarget.

Placing Facebook Remarketing Code in your siteIf your CMS’s theme allows you to place a code in the your site you can apply it to every page easily. Or  even better if you use Google Tag Manager  you can apply the tag and define firing rules.