The Attacks On Garrett Foster

The sentencing for Daniel Perry for the murder of Garrett Foster has been politicized to a stupid level. One of the byproducts of that is the smearing of Garrett Foster by a swath of right wing media. As Radley Balko writes,

“[…] I think it was ill-advised for Foster to bring his rifle to the protest that night. But of the two gun owners in this story, one acted rationally, safely, and with restraint and respect for the lives and safety of those around him. The other shot and killed a man he himself has since acknowledged posed no threat to him. Yet right-wingers — allegedly Second Amendment supporters — are smearing the responsible gun owner and valorizing the reckless one.”

Please take the time to read the full article.

The smearing of Garrett Foster
By: Radley Balko, April 11 2023,

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