Elon Musk Is Fighting Substack (And Twitter)

Elon Musk is a man child, who both wants to be loved, and avoids positive press like it’s actually going to hurt him. For some reason Twitter (acquired by Musk out of a combination of lack of impulse control, and failed bad faith legal arguments) is flagging links to Substack as potentially harmful right now.

In a far less justifiable move than prior Twitter management’s decision to take similar measures for a single New York Post story about Hunter Biden’s laptop. Twitter has prevented different types of on platform engagement with Substack’s account, and links to Substack. This is an irony that is bad for Twitter, but probably good for Substack.

Mike Wehner wrote up a great piece about the layers of hypocrisy and stupidity in Musk’s move on his Substack powered newsletter.

Sidebar: Elon Musk’s War on Substack
By: Mike Wehner, April 8, 2023, substack.com / Of Interest

From the article,

“Twitter acquired Revue [a newsletter product] in early 2021 but the decision to axe it felt (at the time and especially in light of recent events) hasty. Revue wasn’t changing the world by any means, but it was an easy and straightforward way for journalists, writers, and thinkers to share their work with their followers. But Musk was desperate to make his mark on Twitter after completing its acquisition just a month earlier and, whether he believed it or not, he took the stance that Revue wasn’t worth the trouble.”

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