Twitter Suspended A Wired Reporter For Interviewing A Hacker

Matt Walsh, a conservative writer and host of a podcast on The Daily Wire was hacked on Twitter. Dell Cameron a reporter for Wired interviewed the hacker, who apparently just hacked Walsh for the lolz. Anyway Twitter suspended Cameron because of reasons.

The Hacker Who Hijacked Matt Walsh’s Twitter Was Just ‘Bored’

THE HACKER WHO claims to have compromised the Twitter account of right-wing commentator Matt Walsh last night says he meant no harm—though he was clearly in a position to exact some. The whole purpose of the attack, he says, was to stir up controversy and sow chaos on Twitter. 
Dell Cameron, April 19, 2023,

I’ve written about why I think the Twitter files are a nothing burger before. Underpinning the Twitter files, as told by the people anointed to write about them, was the evil of prior Twitter management suppressing a New York Post story about Hunter Biden’s laptop. Cameron appears to have been suspended under the same hacked materials policy that Elon Musk and his sycophants have been upset about for what feels like the last 32 years.

I guess disclosure, I’m banished but not officially suspended from Twitter for changing my name to Maye Musk on March 31.

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