A Delightful Profile Of Dril

A delightful profile of the enigmatic and influential Twitter shit poster Dril. Drill is a dude named Paul Dochney, who looks nothing like the dragged lentic he plays online. Historically anonymous for almost a decade, Dril has garnered a large following and even had a book and TV show.

The article delves into Dril’s origins, influences, and impact on online culture. It’s a head trip, and I love it.

Dril Is Everyone. More Specifically, He’s a Guy Named Paul.

While I waited, I pulled up Dril’s Twitter account and looked at a recent post: “The fact is,” he wrote, “people arent doing a good job wiping their ass these days. And its attracting all manner of stray dogs and coyotes to our towns.” The likes were ticking up and up in real time as they moved toward their eventual zenith of almost 17,000. By Dril standards, this wasn’t even a particularly popular—or deranged—post.
Nate Rogers, Apilr 12, 2023, theringer.com
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