NPR Leaving Twitter May Cost The Company 0.176% of Total Website Traffic

For Push ROI I wrote about how much traffic NPR is likely to lose by leaving Twitter. It’s under 1/5th of a percent. Twitter is not a traffic driver for NPR.

Twitter Is Not A Tentpole Traffic Driver For NPR

Between March 24-31 NPR with it’s 8.8 million Twitter followers, posted about 260 Tweets, receiving  approximately 36,400,000 impressions on Twitter. Assigning NPR a 1.5% click-through rate (CTR), an estimation that is probably 3X the CTR for an account that size, NPR’s main Twitter drove 546,000 clicks to that week. Over the month lets say the main NPR Twitter account sent at most 2.18 million clicks to
Mason Pelt, April 13, 2023,
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