Vanity Fair Profile Of Teamster’s Union Boss Lindsay Dougherty

This profile of Lindsay Dougherty fucking awesome and well worth the read.

Two weeks in, the writers strike already has at least one icon—and she’s not a writer. Lindsay Dougherty is a Teamster boss who heads up Los Angeles’s Local 399 and is director of the Teamsters Motion Picture Division, among other jobs. She got screenwriters’ attention when she appeared, along with other entertainment industry union heads, at the first big WGA members’ meeting after the strike was called against the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, the association that represents film and television studios. Standing on the stage of the Shrine Auditorium, she told the crowd that the Teamster trucks that are so crucial to production would not cross picket lines. And she sent a raucous message that rang out through Hollywood: “What I’d like to say to the studios is: If you want to fuck around, you’re gonna find out.” 
Joy Press, May 17, 2023,
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