The full story about working with Sunil Paul is on Push ROI. But the highlights:

  • Spring Free EV approached my company Push ROI about providing marketing services.
  • Spring Free EV negotiated a contract, resulting in both written clarification of the terms and changes to the terms
  • Spring Free EV signed the contract, and I countersigned.
  • After signing Spring Free EV informed me they wouldn’t honor the contract until I signed an adhesion contract containing terms that altered our current agreement.
  • I said no.
  • Spring Free EV breached the contract.
  • Spring Free EV refused to pay the termination fees outlined in the contract.
  • Spring Free refused to negotiate a settlement.

Feel free to read the full story including screenshots and much more detail about the Spring Free EV contract breach.

Header image TechCrunch, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons