Hey all, as you may have experienced Google Search as gotten worse over time. It’s hard to find specific articles from smaller websites now even when you search for very unique titles. This post will serve as an example.

At the time of writing, most of the (seven) results for “The 1xftrv9efs of Covid19 – Google Test” this blog posts title are unsurprisingly pages from Google websites about Govid19. Not one of those results uses the word “1xftrv9efs”, meaning this blogs title is entirely unique.

As of 12:21 AM 3/11/22, this page is not yet indexed by Google. Google also shows no results for the word “1xftrv9efs”. Apart from my Tweet, this should be the only page on the internet with “1xftrv9efs” on the page.

Apart from Tweeting this article, I’ve done no link building. The post will have a link from the masonpelt.com home page. The stats of my little website in ahrefs are nothing incredible, but this is not a new domain name, and is not without some links.

Update 8:00AM 3/11/22 This page is now indexed, and while it ranks on the first page for its title, that is because Google only shows 8 results for “The 1xftrv9efs of Covid19 – Google Test” without quotes.

I realize, as other sites, Flipboard, MuckRack, and various thread reader websites create links to the blog post, it may rank #1 for its title. All it took for that to happen was an 11 character random combination that appears no other place online in the title.

It’s of note that as of 3:10PM on 3/11/22, this blog post doesn’t appear in the first 150 results of Google for the phrase “the Covid19 – Google Test” without quotes. Lots of sites use the words “Google”, “Covid-19” and “Test”, but still my site is the best content result for that nonsense phrase.

Obviously, I could do a bunch of SEO things and within a few weeks to months rank this blog post for all the nonsense variations of its current title. But why? Is using Google to search a partially remembered title of a blog post, published by a small website an edge use case for the search engine? Will every blogger need to start doing SEO to rank for, random meaningless titles?

Header: “Random search” by Arenamontanus is marked with CC BY 2.0.